Fitbit Alta HR Setup

By Gavin | August 09, 2018

I have the Fitbit Alta HR, and this is basically the Fitbit Alta, but it has the heart rate functionality, they just came out with this, this is like their second John version of the Ulta, but really it just adds HR and everything, else is pretty much the same. Let's go ahead unbox it, check it out, and see what it looks like on the side. We always have that sizing gage to see if we need a small or large size, and the packaging still very similar, so we're going to first peel the back and open just like a book.

How do I Setup My Fitbit Alta?

Here we have the Fitbit and just the set-up guide, which is, some charging tables and let's see what type of documentation is included. It looks like just a quick set-up guide, but really just tells us to download the app and how you charge this.

Let's go ahead and peel this off, and it's got like a watch type band and these bands are interchangeable, you can always buy third party bands or actually I'm not sure if third parties have them, but if it has more bands you can choose from, so you just push in and the top pops out again how you charge this is.

You look at the contact line, it up on the launch here, and this is the heart rate sensor, they just have to make sure it's squeezed on. Let's go ahead start this up and check it out. It looks like to turn the Fitbit on, we're going to need to plug it in, this is what these instructions are sitting plug that in, and then it will power on and then we'll go ahead and download the app.

If you have the Fitbit plugged into my Mac, and it looks like it's starting up now, tells us the version number as well as to go to, basically when we go to it'll tell us to download the app, and then follow the instructions through there. I went ahead and download the app for Fitbit and I do have other Fitbit products, that's why you see my screen like this.

We'll go to account and then set up a new device, and we'll choose Ulta HR, and now it's going to search for Ulta, and now it's found our transfer and we just enter the code that's on the display. Now we are going to update the Ulta, this is a kind of annoying process because every Fitbit I've gone through. It seems like it's always needed an update, and this product just came out yesterday, so you expected to be updated from the factory, but we will wait and see how it goes.

How to Setup Fitbit Alta HR?

Now the update is complete, we're just going to hit continue, and we're going to follow the on-screen instructions to turn on the display, it looks like we have to double tap and we can always just turn it to us, and I'll show the time. Let's go ahead and unplug it, there you go. Once you turn it to us the time pops up, and it will tell us the goals.

We can set alarms, the same user interface as we've been used to, and I'll probably wear this on my left side, and we'll go with this clock face, and we can push the band and we're all done. Now it's going to sync with our iPhone and show us in the app, that is going to wrap it up for the Fitbit Alta, this is again the HR version, record your heart rate.

Let's see that real quick, I used to have an Apple watch, that used to do the same thing where it shoots out these like green lasers, and that's how it measures your heart rate.