FitBit Alta Setup Tutorial Computer Version

By Gavin | August 09, 2018

We're going to be talking about the Fitbit Alta, and in this portion, we're going to talk about how to set it up using your computer. You can check out my other post where you could set it up using your phone which I personally prefer.

Slide the box

First thing you're going to do is slide the Box, open, set that slide, you can see there's a magnetic strip right here, this is very important.

This is the website you're going to need to go to, but before we go here, we're going to get to watch out itself, just like this slip it over.

Once you have that set that right there you need to open this up, and you'll see that you have the Bluetooth wireless adapter right here.


That's very important, if you or guys are using your phone you would not need this. Pull this charging cable out, we're going to set the Box aside, spread this out before we do anything.

We're going to plug this in and we're going to make sure it's fully charged. How you do that is you open it, you can see that there are three little clasps right here, little pins, and you'll see on the little charging adapter.

Let's go almost like a clothespin, you can see it right there, you're going to want to line it up, and make sure you have a good fit, just like that pullback, clip it in, wiggle it back and forth, and make sure it's nice and snug. We're going to come back when we have a nice full charge, we downloaded the app.

Set up a new Fitbit device or sync

Next thing we're going to do is we're going to open it up, and it's going to ask you to set up a new Fitbit device or sync. Now we're setting up a new Fitbit, new to Fitbit or an existing user.

If you have your Fitbit flex or an older generation obviously you're going to collect existing user, but if not and if you're setting up for the first time, if this is your first Fitbit it's going to ask you to create an account, just a simple email password, and some basic information.

I already have an existing Fitbit, what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn off the video, I'm going to come right back, and in the meantime, I asked you to create an account.


Once you create an account I'm going to show you where to go from there, we're back once you created your account. What you're going to do is you're going to find this screen right here, it's asking you which Fitbit you're setting up, we're using the alto, click Next.

Connect your Fitbit to your charging cable

Now what it's asking you to do is connect your Fitbit to your charging cable. We spoke about this before make sure it's lined up properly, just like the clothespin, open it up, wiggle it back and forth, we have a good connection now.

We're going to connect it to our computer, once it's connected to your computer give it a couple of seconds to recognize, and click Next, right now it's searching for the Fitbit, this may take probably about Thirty Seconds to a minute now.

While it's searching I want to talk about this right here, right now we're not using this to set it up, you do not use this, what this is for is once your Fitbit is already set up you're going to plug this into your computer.

When you want to sync your Fitbit to your computer you're going to use this because you don't need to plug it in every time. If you plug it in, yes, it'll work.

But if you don't want to plug it into your computer every time basically have this in your desktop or your laptop, and basically what it's going to do is it's going to give a signal from the Fitbit to this right here, and update all your information and take all the information for the day or for the week from your Fitbit and put it on the computer.

Make all set and connect

While I was talking I found the tracker, you can see right here it gives you a select four-digit number, enter it exactly as it's shown on the Fitbit on to the computer, make sure it's correct. If it's incorrect it won't work.

Once you entered it in click Next, and that's it. It's now connected, click Next and basically, you're going to go through some information on how to wear it, how to clean it, and so on, you can see don't get it wet, you know how to clean it.


For the sake of the post we're going to just basically scroll through everything really quickly without reading it, but I definitely suggest reading, it's asking you what risks you're going to wear it on how you want to display it, but again we're not really talking about this, we're just going to see how to set it up. That's it, we're all set and we're all connected.

Now you'll open up your account, you'll scroll down, basically it's going to ask you for any information you need to enter in, I like the app, but if you're using the computer if you don't have a cell phone you could have it basically act as an alarm how many steps and really mess around with it to go there, but I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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