Fitbit Charge - How to Setup Sync with Computer

By Gavin | August 09, 2018

Using your Fitbit charge you can sync your activities to your smartphone via the Bluetooth, but if you want to sync with your computer instead, all you need to do is use the provided USB dongle, but first, we need to install some software, let's flip over to the computer and get started.

First thing we need to do is go to, we'll scroll down and click download here, that will download our Fitbit connect software, so we're going to start the install process, here we're using a Mac, but we can do the same using Windows-based computer, and then from here we'll just go through the install process, and once we are done the install, we should have our Fitbit connect at this point, we can take the USB dongle and plug it into our USB slot on our computer, and we'll give it a second for it to recognize and do a little bit of updating, we'll just let this sit here and let it do its job.

Once we're done the updating process we can set up a new Fitbit device, will click on the button now this is a chance for you to create your account on as a new user, but in this case we are an existing user or if we had an older Fitbit, we can click here and log in with Facebook or with Google, but here we're just going to enter our account details here, and we'll press login, and we'll go through their Terms of Service, and we can enter our personal profile, click update profile, now we can choose our Fitbit device, here we're using a charge, but you can also use a charge HR if you have, but we'll select charge, it will tell us what's in our box, which is the USB dongle in our USB charging cable, click on next, and we'll just go through the initialization screens, give us quick tutorial on Fitbit, now it's going to search for our charge and at this point you need to enter our pairing code, so look out on your device and you should be able to type in the matching four digits, once you've done that, click on next, and now it should connect upload in the activity, and now you can leave the dongle plugged into your computer, you will sync every time it's in range, and we'll just finish off the install process by learning a little bit more about the charge.

Finally, we can get to our dashboard, and from here we can go through our activities, connect with our friends via Facebook, adjust some settings in bunch of other stuff in the community, and there you have it, so enter the number you see on your charge, and what do we see here? We see our pin number 583583, so remember it and use it.