How to Set Up Fitbit Aria 2

By Gavin | August 09, 2018

I'm going to show you how to set up your Fitbit Aria - smart scale.

First, you'll need to download the Fitbit app if you haven't, I already open the app, and tap the icon in the upper right to show the account screen, then tap on set up a device Fitbit Aria in the list, and tap on it, now tap on set up your Fitbit Aria to read the policies, and then tap on "I agree." Once your Aria has been found unconnected, a four-digit number should show on the display, tap on the keyboard to enter the numbers into the app.

Next, you need to connect you to your Wi-Fi tap, and when your Wi-Fi networks name appears in the list, tap on it, now you'll need to enter the password for your Wi-Fi network, once the password is entered, tap on connect, if your Aria 2 was able to successfully connect to your Wi-Fi, you'll see a checkmark on the Aria 2 display, tap next, and you'll be prompted to choose a personalized icon, that will show on the Aria 2 display, when you finish your way in, there are 16 icons to choose from, and each user will have a unique icon tap on your desired icon, and then tap select, after reading the tips, tap next after reading who shouldn't use Aria 2, tap next, do your first weighing, or move on by tapping next after reading what you'll see during a weighing, tap next after reading about weight goals and badges, tap next.

Now you can tap to learn more about Aria 2 or tap Done to exit the setup, Aria 2 should now show up in your connected devices section and you can tap on Aria 2 to view its settings page.